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Photos from My Travels in India

Working and Traveling in India - October to December, 1999

Complete India Photo Index Sheet


Bangalore Black & White Images

Waiting at the Stop Light
The Wrecking Crew
Horse and Cart
Weekday Lunches at the Office
Indian Buffalo (Zebu) and Cart
At The Ball Field
Living Next Door
Cleaning Up


Bangalore Color Images

St Patricks High School No. 1
St Patricks High School No. 2
Ashok Nagar Traffic Circle
St Patricks High School No. 3
St Patricks High School No. 4
Local Laundromat
Dassera Puja Lines
Ashok Nagar Cow
Movie Posters
Typical Construction Scaffolding
STD/ISD Phone Booth
John the Baptist Statue
St Marks Road
St Marks Road after Rainfall
Bishop Cotton Boys School
Residency Road
Residency Road and St Marks Road Intersection
Richmond Road #1
Richmond Road #2
Motor Scooter on the Alley
Chalk Outlines No 2
Alley Building
Chalk Outlines No 3
Laying Sewer on Richmond Road, No 1
Laying Sewer on Richmond Road, No 2
Schools Out at Ashok Nagar Traffic Circle
Ashok Nagar Circle
Preparing Flowers
Private Club
Street Scene on Brigade Road
Alley Residence Detail of Ganesh
Temple Detail


The Qutb Minar Complex

The Qutb Minar
Qutb Minar Complex
Qutb Minar - Detail at Tomb of Iltutmish
Qutb Minar - Columns
Qutb Minar Detail
Qutb Minar - Columns


Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar
Jaya Prakasa
Rama Yantra Interior
Rama Yantra Interior
Rama Yantra
Jantar Mantar
Samrat Yantra
Misra Yantra
Misra Yantra Detail
Jaya Prakasa
Rama Yantra Exterior
Samrat Yantra



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21 February 2001