MetaMFix::  A Batch Processing Utility For Image Files, Replace Incorrect Nikon EXIF f/0.0 or f/1.0 MaxApertureValue Metadata With Correct Manual Focus Lens Maximum Aperture, and Lens Metadata
utilizing Phil Harvey's ExifTool on the Windows platform.

MetaMFix:: is a simple dialog utility that assists in easily adjusting metadata for any image file(s) in a selected folder when a image file contains a EXIF MaxApertureValue = f/0.0 or f/1.0.
MetaMFix will open all image files in a selected folder (of a selected file type), to identify and then adjust any incorrectly labeled MaxApertureValue f/0.0 or f/1.0 metadata values. It replaces the incorrect metadata with a correct Max Aperture value that is obtained for a lens from the custom user modified Lens Information (a csv formatted) text file.
It will write the revised camera lens metadata using Phil Harvey's ExifTool run in a series of background processes.

Go From Incorrect Lens MetaData:

as seen here for the Incorrectly Labeled Camera MetaData Fields:
  • Lens = ?
  • Lens Max Aperture Value = f/1.0

To Corrected Lens Data:

MetaMFix:: will run Phil Harvey's ExifTool by first checking a digital image for correct camera lens data parameters, and updating any incorrect lens metadata to a image file.
To Update to a Current Version of ExifTool:
Download the current Windows executable version of Exiftool from his web page here.
Extract the standalone Windows executable, rename it to 'exiftool.exe' and place it in the MetaMFix program file directory.

Resulting In This:

An example of updated MetaMFix:: lens data in the image metadata tags as seen in Adobe Bridge CS4:

for the Camera MetaData Fields:
  • Lens
  • Lens Max Aperture Value
(Available & Written Metadata fields are dependant on the original image's
Nikon makernotes and exif metadata, and the user's lens data csv file.

Supported Image File Formats:

  • Digital Image File Formats:
    • DNG (*.dng)
    • NEF (*.nef)
    • JPG (*.jpg)
    • TIF (*.tif)


Operational Features:

Adjust Lens MetaData:
The Default Active Dialog Tab.

The Adjust Lens MetaData Dialog Tab.
(Default)  Process Multiple Image Files:
1) Select a Image File in a Directory, for example: _DSC0018_001.JPG

a) Select the First File in a Numbered Series: _DSC0018_001.JPG

2) This Pre-Processes the Images in the selected folder, listing and displaying the file names in Red for Image files that need f/0.0 or f/1.0 metaData updating.

3) Select the 'Update Image File MetaData Button' to Process the Image List,
This will start the replacement processing of 'f/0.0' or 'f/1.0' Lens Max Aperture MetaData in (the Red Identified) image files requiring the change.

Before Using MetaMFix::
Store Lens Data User Preferences:
1) User Specified Lens Listing (the file auto loads from the existing MyNikonLenses.txt text file, a csv formatted file),

A Table of User Specified Lens Information
identifying the correct MaxApertureValue data for each lens, and used by MetaMFix::ExifTool.

Optional Output Log for Processing:
Optional ExifTools output logging Tab, and saving.

Right Click - Save ExifTools Output to a File.
Lens Data Overrides:
Optionally Apply Overrides to Existing Lens Metadata.

The Lens Data Overrides Dialog Tab.

A current Version is Not Presently Posted for Downloading - please eMail for details.


Current Version:

8 December 2013

Utah Glyph