MDI Document Tabs for AutoCAD
a ObjectARX MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) application

for Autodesk's AutoCAD versions 2000 to 2015, 32 / 64bit.

Add MDI Document Tabs to AutoCAD
MDI Tabs Example 2 AutoCAD 2000i
Quickly Switch From One Open Document To Another
MDI Tabs Example 1 AutoCAD 2000i
Right Click a Tab, Continue the Click Drag to Another Drawing Tab,
Drop the Source Tab Drawing as an Xref Into the Drop Tab Target Drawing
Drop as XRef Example - AutoCAD 2009
Personal Menu:     Activates a Custom User Menu(s).
List Open Drawings:     Displays a Selection List of the Open Drawings.
Open in DWG Directory:     File Open Dialog Defaults to the Active Drawing Directory.
Easy, and Simple to Use,
To run, just Appload the FrameUp ObjectARX application.
FrameUp can hide if only one document is open.
Versions available for
AutoCAD 2000-2002;  2004-2006;  2007-2009;  2010-2012;  2013-2014;  2015 (32, 64bit):
MDI Tabs Example of 2009
Double Click the Active Document Tab to Dock/Undock the Document Windows.
FrameUp, MDI Document Tabs for AutoCAD
For Demo Versions Not Presently Posted - eMail With AutoCAD Version
and (x32/x64) Platform Required.


12 May 2014
Utah Glyph