Painting of the Elder

The Painting of the Elder

     I speak on behalf of our ancient mother earth, the soil of our birth, our tradition and our religion.

     Our way of life as an Indian depends on the survival of the land, the land that has sustained and nourished us from the beginning of time. At the present time, Mother Earth suffers from many poisions, toxins and waste contamination. There is little vegetation left within our mountains, the rain carries an illness, the waters of the river, they too carry a sickness.

     In this painting, we see the barren hills and mountains, the black waters and the suffering of life. In our way of life the animal also sustains us; they are asking for our help, our prayers. We must unite and do whatever we can to help our mother earth survive, to keep strong our promises to the great creator that we would always take care of her as she takes care of us.

     To remember there is no care for unknown illness that comes through waste contamination, we must keep sacred the land of our mother.

I am, Pat M Jojola, Isleta Pueblo N.M.

March 1, 1995

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