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Leaving Agra
Leaving Agra - December 11, 1999

Notes and Photos from Travels in India
Index Page

Working and Traveling in India - October to December, 1999


Between October and December 1999, I spent two months working in India's Silicon Valley.

Bangalore, India
(B&W) Photo Page 1


What follows are a few (unfinished) travel notes, and some photographs I took when I wasn't hiding behind computer monitor(s).

Ashok Nagar Cow
Bangalore, India
(Color) Photo Page 2

India Map
India Travel Notes
Qutb Minar Complex
The Qutb Minar Complex
near New Delhi
Photo Page 3



Jantar Mantar Astonomical Observatory
The Jantar Mantar Astonomical
Observatory, New Delhi
Photo Page 4


Taj Mahal, Agra
Taj Mahal, Agra
Photo Page5




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15 October 2001