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Linda Tellington-Jones
Linda Tellington-Jones Demonstrates the Tellington Touch, 1991


In 1991 I endeavored to take my first (and last) photography workshop. It was a workshop on documentary photography from Mary Ellen Mark at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

For my workshop project I needed a subject, and unsuccessfully tried to get ahold of Linda for that. It didn't work out at the time, but I was later able to spend a couple of days photographing while she demonstrated her method of healing touch to a class of students from Chris Griscom's Nizhoni school.

What strikes me about this photograph is the pattern arrayed in the leaves in the tree behind her, it's the same image I had photographed a few years earlier carved into the bear paws on a heraldic pole in British Columbia.

I'm not sure who to thank for this image, Linda for making that space available, or Mary Ellen for seriously doubting that I could ever manage visually the depth of Linda's work. I expect that I owe them both in their own ways for this image.

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